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New strategy outlines our vision for redesigning Scotland's economy

Our new organisational strategy which sets out the change we want to see in Scotland and how we plan to achieve it. WEAll Scotland Strategy 2022-2025Download This strategy details how we will work with others to create an unstoppable momentum towards a Wellbeing Economy, one which ensures that everyone can live with dignity, experience fairness and connection and participate in the decisions that affect them while we protect the health of our planet.

We will build a diverse network of allies who are playing their part to deliver a Wellbeing Economy at different levels of society. Together we will:

  • Change the public conversation about the purpose and direction of the economy

  • Amplify examples of promising practices which show Wellbeing Economy thinking in action

  • Advocate to influence economic policy at the national and local levels

  • Collaborate with a particular emphasis on business practice and ownership models, influencing national economic policy and local economies.

To redesign our economy we’ll need to work together like never before. Your support and friendship will be crucial.


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