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Policy Design Guide


This guide has been co-created by the global Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEAll) team to support visionary policy makers to build more just and sustainable economies for people and planet.

The guide is packed with tools, case studies and ideas to help you:

  • Develop a wellbeing vision, framework and measurements.

  • Design a strategy to foster the areas of economic life most important for our wellbeing

  • Assess and co-create Wellbeing Economy policies to build a coherent and innovative policy mix.

  • Successfully implement Wellbeing Economy policies by empowering local stakeholders and communities.

  • Evaluate policy impacts on wellbeing for learning, adaptation and success.

This is just the first iteration of this guide and it is our hope that in the months and years to come we can continue to build this guide together. WEAll hubs in California, Canada, New Zealand and here in Scotland are working with community partners and local or city governments to bring the Wellbeing Economy Policy Design process to life. You can read more about them here

Catch up on the policy design guide launch event

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