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We’re the Scottish hub of the Wellbeing Economy Alliance.

We want to reprogramme Scotland's economy so it puts people and planet first.

WEAll was started by a collection of organisations and individuals. Such as ecological economists, public health researchers and campaigners who wanted to bring together all the fantastic work happening to change our economic system under a shared vision.

WEAll Scotland was one of the first national hubs to get going. Today there are over 15 in places like Wales, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Iceland, Netherlands, Denmark and East Africa.

Find out more about the global movement.

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Our network is made up of more than 100 members who share our vision - from grassroots community groups and national NGOs to purpose-driven businesses. Join them today.

The 5 WEAll needs were co-produced with our members around the world. These are dignity, nature, purpose, participation and fairness. Our economy should be set up to meet these fundamental wellbeing needs.

Our vision is of an economy designed to deliver good lives for all on a healthy planet.

In a Wellbeing Economy, we would prioritise policies that meet our fundamental human needs – not endless GDP growth for its own sake.


Our network is made up of more than 100 member organisations who share our vision - from grassroots community groups and national NGOs to purpose-driven businesses.

Scotland is a founding member of the Wellbeing Economy Governments (WEGo) partnership of countries and the Scottish Government has stated that building a Wellbeing Economy is a top priority. But we have a long way to go.


Building a Wellbeing Economy will take more than business as usual. It will take nurturing the industries and businesses that add value to society, putting measures in place to ensure everyone has enough to live with dignity and overhauling the the ways we make economic decisions and measure performance.

To get there, we'll work with our members to change the public conversation about the purpose and direction of the economy. We'll amplify examples of Wellbeing Economy thinking in action. And we'll advocate to influence economic policy at the national and local levels. Along the way we'll collaborate with organisations who seek to put Wellbeing Economy ideas at the heart of their work such as the Cairngorms National Park, Foundation Scotland, Creative Scotland and Scottish Football Association.   

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