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WEAll Scotland response to the revised National Outcomes

Updated: May 9

The National Outcomes in Scotland's National Performance Framework sets out what a flourishing Scotland could look like and provides Scotland's public sector with a compass for creating it. Today, the Scottish Government has submitted its latest revisions to the Scottish Parliament.

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We welcome the proposed new, streamlined purpose for the framework focused on improving the wellbeing of people living in Scotland, now and in the future.


We are delighted to see the addition of a new National Outcome, highlighting the vital contribution that care and carers provide to everyone's wellbeing - one that has been undervalued by our economy for too long. We have been calling on the Scottish Government to prioritise care as part of the A Scotland That Cares campaign, together with a coalition of over 70 organisations.


The revised National Outcomes paint a powerful vision of a just and compassionate Scotland we can all get behind. A Scotland with flourishing communities, where all children grow up loved, where we tackle poverty by redistributing our wealth fairly and where we take urgent action on the climate and environmental crises.


One of the biggest stumbling blocks on the way to make this vision a reality, is the outdated design of our economy. It is more concerned with maximising growth at all costs to create short-term financial gains for the wealthy few; rather than building a stable foundation for long-term prosperity. We need to redesign our economy to create a Wellbeing Economy which provides the delivery of good lives for current and future generations on a healthy planet.


We are deeply concerned that, despite its aspirational name, the new outcome on 'Wellbeing Economy and Fair Work' will not support the economic transformation that we need to realise the other National Outcomes. With its focus on competition and growth, it reads like a description of the failing status quo, which has only served to deliver entrenched poverty, inequality and environmental breakdown. These are not Wellbeing Economy principles.

A true National Outcome on the Wellbeing Economy would centre the principles of dignity, fairness, nature, purpose and participation and put the economy at the service of the inspiring vision of the other outcomes,

We would urge the Scottish Parliament to reconsider this outcome to ensure that the National Performance Framework is able to support the economic transformation required to deliver its overall vision.

The consultation process for the revision of the National Outcomes has had very little engagement with people in Scotland, despite a broad engagement with existing reports and third sector stakeholders. In order for the National Outcomes to reach their full potential they should be co-produced using a deliberative participatory process that has both breadth and depth. For example, through a citizen assembly and proactive measures to engage with seldom-heard voices.

A powerful vision is not enough. We now need bold action from the Scottish Government to make the National Outcomes a reality. The upcoming Wellbeing and Sustainable Development Bill presents an important opportunity to pass world-leading legislation, developing the National Performance Framework into the inspiring wellbeing framework that Scotland needs to tackle the challenges of our time.

Lukas Bunse, Policy and Engagement Lead, Wellbeing Economy Alliance Scotland


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