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What we do

We’re working with others to create unstoppable momentum towards a Wellbeing Economy: an economic system that ensures everyone can live with dignity, experience fairness and connection, and participate in the decisions that affect them – all while we protect the health of our planet.


Our vision is of an economy designed to deliver good lives for all
on a healthy planet.

In a Wellbeing Economy, we would prioritise policies that meet our fundamental human needs – not endless GDP growth for its own sake.

How we'll get there

Redesigning our economy will take action at all levels of the economic system. Inspired by Frank Geels’s work on transition theory, we seek to transform the context and paradigm we operate in, the policy that shapes what’s possible and the grassroots level where innovative practice takes place. Learn more about our vision and goals in our strategy.

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What we've achieved so far

We are proud of what we've achieved since 2019 with our modest team and resources. We have:

  • Helped secure commitments from the Scottish Government to move towards a Wellbeing Economy.

  • Built an active and diverse network of more than 100 member organisations who share our vision.

  • Contributed to policy initiatives such as the Business Purpose Commission and sat on the Future Generations Commission.

  • Convened the Cross-Party Parliamentary Group on a Wellbeing Economy.

  • Taken our message to more than 8500 people at 75 events in the last year alone.

  • Produced numerous reports exploring the transition to a new economy.

  • Partnered with organisations who seek to embed Wellbeing Economy thinking in their work including Cairngorms National Park Authority, Foundation Scotland, Creative Scotland, Perth & Kinross Council and Scottish Football Association.  

Our network is made up of more than 100 member organisations who share our vision - from grassroots community groups and national NGOs to purpose-driven businesses.

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